The milestones of the ONYX Metamorphosis project


Műhely, the Michelin Green Star sustainable restaurant

In less than a year, we were able to achieve what we had already set as a goal in 2019 before the ONYX Metamorphosis period started. A lot of work and sacrifices take place in the background to combine culinary with environmentally friendly commitments in our everyday lives, but we hope that we can be an inspiration for the hospitality industry as a whole. With Alexandra Végh, ONYX's Creative Community sustainability manager, we developed a sustainability strategy that goes beyond environmental considerations, addresses issues related to ethics and well-being, and contributes to local initiatives and educational projects. The 7 main areas are food raw materials, equipment and accessories, energy consumption, detergents, waste management, shaping attitudes and carbon footprint calculation.


To travel and discover an unknown big city, and then to return home full of unforgettable experiences. This is how we feel, after almost a year of research and study trips, which prepared the way for our soon-to-debut conceptual menu, METROPOLIS.

Sauska x Műhely: Meeting of the big guns

A casual evening at Műhely, in the company of living legends and world champion sparkling wines.
aste the gold and silver medal-winning sparkling wines from the 2022 Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships with the makers, the Sauska family and the Onyx Creative Community! During the evening, you will not only have the opportunity to toast with Krisztián Sauska but also meet Régis Camus, the legendary champagne master of Piper-Heidsieck!

Műhely x MOME: The Gerbeaud Legacy

164 years of heritage - 9 object designers - 9 traditional desserts - 9 contemporary concepts - 2 days
The aim of Műhely and the future ONYX is to present a progressive Hungarian cuisine based on the fusion of science, gastronomy and art. In addition to the experimental kitchen, the Workshop will also house a gastronomic library and a ceramic kiln, which will play an important role in our food and object design processes as well as in our post-graduate education programme.

METROPOLIS II: Smells - Scents

On our second study trip in August, we invited our guests to a community test lunch at a big city market. For this day, we moved into an empty butcher's shop in the Hunyadi square market hall, where our guests tasted our dishes from the new METROPOLIS menu; the ARRIVAL, ALLEY and QUAI dishes.

METROPOLIS I: Departure - Arrival

We looked at the forgotten or never-known beauties and curiosities of the city through the lens of a tourist. When you enter the big city, the lights, sounds, noises and scents strike immediately. It's an exciting chaos, looking to be explored. Our next conceptual menu, METROPOLIS tries to encapsulate the experience of city travels.


FOUNDATION - The beginning of a new chapter

At the end of 2021, we opened Műhely with a unique series of events called FOUNDATION which lasted 6 weeks. During these events, we not only introduced guests to the completely transformed interior, our new philosophy, the Creative Community and our new serveware, but we also presented our first conceptual workshop menu, the 12 course META/MORPHOSIS.

RELIC Market

At the RELIC Market we sold some of the iconic items that have helped us turn every meal into an experience and that helped ONYX become the first two Michelin star restaurant in Hungary, and all proceeds is going towards creating a completely open library focused on culinary and design topics, the first of its kind in Hungary. With this library we aim to support the future generation of the gastronomy industry, so they can become prominent members of their profession.


The dinner where the past and present met for the first and last time.

We opened the doors of ONYX for four nights to gave a glimpse into the next stage of the restaurants Metamorphosis.

We broke down the walls of the restaurant and at the DECONSTRUCTION dinner we broke down the old menu into pieces as well, so we could create something completely new.


With the Last Supper in November, the exterior and interior transformation of the restaurant, the ONYX Metamorphosis, began. Our transformation has reached another milestone: we have completed the demolition!

Waste, demolished bricks and concrete generated during the renovation are slowly giving way to the construction. We were celebrate the completion of the destruction with the SITT event (SITT in english means rubble), which was also the inspiration for the dishes created specifically for this evening.

The venue for SITT was at the Lion Fountain in front of the restaurant, where we dreamed of a street fine dining event with three tasting dishes, the ONYX14 birthday cake, lots of champagne and with You of course.


The Last Supper

In 2020, a new era began in the life of Onyx: our transformation was termed the ‘Onyx Metamorphosis', and we began the exterior and interior renewal of the restaurant. In November we hosted a dinner called ‘The Last Supper', where we said goodbye to the previous period of success to embark on an exciting new journey. We selected eight participants for ‘The Last Supper' from a casting, served a hammer for the last course of the dinner, and together began the symbolic demolition of Onyx.

Our plans for the new Onyx were summarized in the Onyx Manifesto, and the Onyx restaurant operates as a family business - owned by Anna Niszkács, managing director; her brother, Attila Niszkács; and their mother, Katalin Pintér.


In 2018, we achieved even greater success: we became the only restaurant in Central and Eastern Europe to be awarded two Michelin stars. The kitchen was managed by chef Ádám Mészáros at that time.


In 2016, Tamás Széll and his team won the European final of the Bocuse d'Or, which brought widespread acclaim to both the competitors and the restaurant, but also drew recognition to the entire Hungarian culinary scene.



Led by executive chef Szabina Szulló and chef Tamás Széll, Onyx received its first Michelin star on March 16, 2011, four years after its opening.


In March 2007, Onyx restaurant opened its doors at the side of Gerbeaud House in Vörösmarty Square, with the intention of becoming an internationally recognized restaurant.