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Reservation is guaranteed only after the credit card is successfully registered and the confirmation email has been sent to your email address.
Please be so kind and click on the ‘Complete booking’ button after you have provided the credit card details.

No fee will be charged on your card, unless there is a late cancellation, modification or no-show.
We allow up to 24 hours before your reservation for cancellations or modifications without any penalty, in case you have written an email to

In case of a late cancellation, late modifications or if the reservation were to result in a “no show”, you will be charged an amount of 70 € per person on the given credit card.

Reservations are taken 90 days prior to the calendar date.

We kindly inform you if you have special dietary requirements or requests that we are unable to provide, we reserve the right to modify your booking.

Please note that we offer 3-, 4- or a 6-course tasting menus for lunch, we have two different 6-course tasting menus for dinner.
You are able to choose under the condition, that the entire table orders the same type of menu.

Thank you for your understanding (and help in advance).