Research chef at Onyx - Péter Várvizi joined to Ádám Mészáros’ team

Péter Várvizi, with his exemplary desire for knowledge, is a remarkable figure in today's top Hungarian gastronomy. His name stands for the conscious, sophisticated, smart kitchen. From October onwards, while retaining his position in Larus, he has been working as a research chef next to Ádám Mészáros chef to assist to the new experimenter and sustainable operation of Onyx.

In every job, the interaction of knowledge is paramount, as it involves continuous improvement. Some certain questions cannot be answered only by creativity, genius, intuition. The scientific approach is needed for the solution.

Péter Várvizi is qualified as a cook and food engineer. His knowledge is the intersection of science and gastronomy. With his assistance Onyx opens up a new dimension: a breakthrough creative process supported by science and a path to eco-friendly, zero-waste cuisine.


Onyx gets invitation to Epicure Festival 2019

Epicure, the gastro festival in the world famous Dolder Grand Hotel in the scenic green area of Zürich has managed to collect together several Michelin starred chefs from over the world since 2014. The six days event provide exceptional gastronomic expreriences from top chefs.  This year chef Ádám Mészáros was also invited to indulge guests with 8 other Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world.

On four consecutive evenings four different 3 Michelin stars rated chefs, like Christian Jürgens and Alain Passard, composed 8-courses dinner with Heiko Nieder, the chef of Dolder Grand’s fine dining restaurant.

On the final day of the festival more than 10 chefs had the chance to represent their kitchen through one of their signature dish. At the Onyx station Ádám with his two other sous chefs created more than 400 portion of our Töltött paprika dish from the “Beyond our border…” menu.

It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to present Onyx among top chefs, whos generous words must surely ring in our ears for a while.


Onyx summer holiday

The Onyx Restaurant will be spending the regular summer holiday from 4th August to 26th August 2019. As each year, we are going to have some rest all together in order to do our best throughout the year. We will be happy to host you from 27th August with new impetus and professional experiences during our usual opening hours.

Thanks for your understandig,

Onyx team




Our Duck liver, coffee, truffle milk-loaf dish have been complemented by a serious project. Here's the novelty of June from Onyx restaurant.

The realization of the idea was driven by the restaurant movement called Made in Hungary, invented by the Dining Guide and the Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy which gives two great, well-known Hungarian ingredients - duck liver and 6 puttonyos Tokaji - to top chefs to prepare a dish in their own interpretation and put it on their menu.

At first glance our food can be misleading, as mousse made from duck liver takes the form of a truffle. The white truffle that grows in Hungary’s acacia forests and its sweet taste makes it very unique. Another important component of the course was the Tokaji wine, of wich we used the most noble, the aszú essence. Sauska's aszú essence from 2003 is presented in a unique look.

We consider it important to include our identity not only in the food but also in the ceramics in which the food is served to the guest. In many cases, this effort is made by our cooperation with young artists. We made our approach to Made in Hungary in a different direction: we wanted to offer our duck liver on a handicraft product that fits perfectly into the concept of Hungarian values. Fortunately, a real hungaricum, the world-famous brand, the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, was our partner in the mission.


Onyx moments from Gourmet Gastro Festival 2019

Thank you again Gourmet Festival, all the courses were sold out!

We hope you loved our meals the way we liked meeting you.

See you next year!


Onyx “sercli” served on 2-starred bread plate in the Gourmet Festival 2019

For 3 years now Onyx have taken part in the Gourmet Gastro Festival, which challenges the bests of the Hungarian gastronomy with different themes each year. According to the 2019 beer-paprika-bread end theme we have created a BBQ beef rump steak made from the juiciest part of the beef, which is also known as “sercli” in Hungarian. We used a home made redefined BBQ sauce with calf jus, baked apples and sweet pepper. We have layed the “beef sercli” on a sourdough bread crouton, and made it even more exciting with Roscoff onion jam, smoked sweet pepper pieces and microgreens.

Not only the BBQ beef will come from the kitchen of Ádám Mészáros chef, since he is going to prepare a marrow-knuckle tripe stew with his father at the festival's new location called Paprika Pop-up.

We will also serve a taste of our “Beyond our borders…” menu, as the baguette ice cream - that gives the soul of Hazelnut gianduja tart, bergamot, baguette ice cream course - included with paprika and beer can also be found at the Onyx stand.

Last year we tried to meet the environmental consciousness of the festival with clay plates, in 2019 inspired by the theme of this year, the Onyx kitchen team has prepared bread plates. Every piece of them is special, but one of them stands out, as the barcode on its label has a special date hidden. The date of the announcement of our second Michelin star: 26 March, 2018. A lucky finder of this lovely memory will be served with an Onyx dinner with his partner.

Looking forward to have you for a tasting at our stand from 16 to 19 May!


Onyx chef is 2nd in Châine des Rôtisseurs

National Young Chefs Competition called Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs has been organized (24th in line) in this year for young talents under the age of 27. The contestants had to prepare a 3-course menu using the ingredient announced in advance and some other ingredients from a surprise box.

One of the young cooks of Onyx, István Akács represented us with a fantastic result, his job was awarded a second place by the professional jury.

It is also a great honour that one of the members of the jury was the Executive Chef of Gerbeaud Gastronomy, Ágnes Tóth.



We will never forget the moment when we became the first two Michelin-starred Hungarian restaurants last year in 2018. This recognition was our driving force in the past year, giving us confidence to work more and harder than ever. We've been waking up and going to bed with stars - and now we can finally rest. We are not goint to take anything for granted and our diligence is unbroken.

Our stars will continue to flourish in 2019!


Happy Birthday, Onyx!

We are celebrating our 12th birthday this year. We came a long way - with blood, sweat and tears. But the goal of our owners - Gerbeaud Gastronomy - was to bring a Michelin-star worthy restaurant in the heart of Budapest - and we keep on proving that we are up for the task. 
Looking forward the next twelve years!

With love,

Onyx Restaurant 


Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler

It is well known that our chef Ádám Mészáros is obsessed with working together with contemporary artists: not one food is served on individual plates that came alive as a result of a cooperation between the chef and the artist(s).

That's how the artists of HOOH STUDIO came into the picture. They've been devotedly working on the creative concept, paying particular attention to the fusion of food and plate on the table as well as the fusion of tradition and technology. The Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler fits right into the lining of the plate, the pattern is the shape of the tumblers' sole.

The dish is simple. 
The plate is traditional, lean and rustic. 
These two elements counterbalance the precise and technology-oriented glass of the Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler whiskey glass.

The result of the cooperation between gastronomy and art was characterized by harmony, professionalism and humility, as if we were on the kitchen of the restaurant.