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To travel and discover an unknown big city, and then to return home full of unforgettable experiences. This is how we feel, after almost a year of research and study trips, which prepared the way for our soon-to-debut conceptual menu, METROPOLIS.
This year, we're taking you on one last educational trip to round off this exciting and creative year!

This time, our study trip takes us to no less exciting a place than in the past.
On November 22, the Onyx Creative Community goes to the Unicum House to discover the secrets of making the more than 230-year-old Hungarian drink, Unicum, and the herbs that make up the drink!

Guided by the Unicum team, we take a look inside the distillery called the Heart of Unicum, and in the 2,500 m2 cellar system located under Soroksári road, we have the opportunity to tap a few of the 500 barrels.

After wandering through the Zwack cellar labyrinths, we will take one of Budapest's most iconic means of public transport, tram 2, to Vörösmarty tér, admiring the evening lights of the city on the way. Arriving at Műhely, we will present the last course of the METROPOLIS menu, the "Journey Home", starring Unicum. We will also give you an insight into the preparation of the dish, in the form of our special Unicum firing technique.

This is already very exciting, but we added another twist to the program, as you are used to from us!

On the occasion of our Journey Home event, Onyx and Műhely will be transformed into a festival venue, where we will have the opportunity to present all the drinks from Pest County that inspired the dishes of our METROPOLIS menu. There will be Opera gin & tonic from Pest, Mainyúl Rhine Riesling from the VI. district, Sauska raw sparkling wine from Budafok and of course many dishes from our METROPOLIS menu.
On this evening, we would like everyone to feel relaxed, freely using the spaces of Onyx and Műhely, talking with us, tasting, eating and drinking, as one does with friends after a long journey home.

The price of the entrance ticket is HUF 21,500, which, in addition to VAT and service fee, includes the following:

• Tasting Unicum, Unicum Plum, Unicum Barista, Unicum Riserva
• Sauska ONYX sparkling wine, Brut Nature
• Vabrik Winery, Pet Nat 2021
• Szíjjártó Előd, Sauvignon Blanc, 2021
• Mainyúl, Rhine Riesling 2020
• Opera Gin and &T Indian Tonic Water
• Lánchíd Brandy and &T Classic Ginger Al
• unlimited water consumption
• 1 BKV ticket

Date of the event:
11/22/2022 6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m
Meeting point: Unicum House (1095 Budapest, Dandár Street 1.)

The event will be held in 2 rounds, therefore 2 x 40 people can participate.

During the evening, the following dishes will also be available:
marinated goat cheese, marinated beetroot, cranberry cream, elder capri, goat cheese beet crisps, Moroccan lemon
HUF 2,400
onion chutney with apple, pickled onion skin, black garlic cream, onion foam with roses, breaded almond, onion granita
HUF 2,300
fermented buckwheat porridge, sunflower seeds, horseradish, chamomile
HUF 2,600
pork rump, pork ear, red cabbage, kohlrabi, tarragon, fermented raspberries and redcurrants
HUF 3,300
Gerbeaud cognac cherry cream, dried cherries, sour cream foam, walnuts, bay granita
HUF 2,600
Unicum, Rózsavölgyi dark chocolate, chocolate biscuit, plum spiced tea coffee
HUF 1,400
The event’s language will be Hungarian.

A limited number of tickets are available on the DinnerBooking website: (When buying tickets, the system charges a handling fee.)

Join us for the last, truly "unikue" experience of the year!