Dear Friend!
Our restaurant is currently closed for renovations.
We have named this process Metamorphosis and it will likely end in the spring of 2022.
Until then, the Műhely will play host for the ONYX Creative Community and the small scale dinner events that we will be organizing.
More details soon!



The only two Michelin-starred restaurant in Hungary has reached a milestone. After 14 successful years ONYX is receiving an all-round renovation.

Creative community

At ONYX gastronomy, art and science are all equally important parts of the creative process. Cooks, pastry chefs, food designers, food engineers and sommeliers all come together to create something special for you.


We make our decisions with a voting system. The team is mightier than the individual.


Sustainability is one the defining aspects of our work, both for ingredients and the work process itself.

Youth development

We are deeply committed to help the next generation of designers and culinary professionals improve their skills.


The result of the cooperative efforts becomes a dining experience.


László Angerman (Öcsi)


Zsuzsanna Borsos

pastry chef

Marcell Fekete

strategic director

Angéla Góg DLA

art director, food designer

Ákos Horváth

operational chef

Márta Merkl

food design researcher

Anna Niszkács

CEO, owner

Gergely Salfai-Kovács

purchasing manager

Balázs Sallay

restaurant manager

Ágnes Tóth

logistics chef

Péter Várvizi

R&D chef


honorary member


Katalin Pintér


Anna Niszkács

CEO, owner

Attila Niszkács

COO, owner

The Niszkács family was already successfully running the internationally renowned Gerbeaud Café, which has a history spanning more than 160 years, since the year 2000 when they decided to open ONYX in the Gerbeaud House in 2007. The restaurant has since become a well known entity in the gastronomy landscape, getting its first Michelin star in 2011 and becoming the first two Michelin-starred restaurant in Central-Eastern Europe in 2018. In November 2020, they started the biggest transformation in their history with a project called Metamorphosis, which is still going on.


The process of transforming the interior, the work processes and the restaurant's philosophy with a focus on sustainability. At various milestones of this process, we are granting access to guests to witness our transition through various events.

The Metamorphosis kicked off in November 2020 with the Last Supper event. At this event, the guests got the chance to taste the old menu, in the old interior one last time. The closing “dish” of the dinner was a hammer, with which the guests could start the symbolic process of demolishing the restaurant.

The next milestone was the SITT Street fine dining event in May 2021. We celebrated the end of the demolition process with an informal and unforgettable afternoon.

During the four Deconstruction dinners in June 2021, we said goodbye to the dishes of the old menu. The restaurant was stripped down to the plaster and the dishes were also broken down to their ingredients, to help us create a new, cleaner menu.

During the Relic Market in July, we sold the prized items that were with us during the first 14 years of ONYX. All proceeds of this wonderful Sunday morning event will be used to create a library focused on gastronomy, to help the future generation of culinary professionals.

The next stop in the Metamorphosis journey is currently in the works, we will be revealing details soon!