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Located on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Budapest, the Onyx Restaurant, opened its doors in April 2007. With the opening of the restaurant our goal was to establish a restaurant with a high standard of international quality in Hungary. The restaurant is located adjacent to the renowned Café Gerbeaud, on the site of the former ‘Little Gerbeaud’. The philosophy of the restaurant and the Café is one and the same everywhere: the encounter of tradition and innovation.

The kitchen staff has been working together for many years; partly due to this the restaurant has so quickly become well-known and recognized in Hungary. Under the direction of Onyx chef Ádám Mészáros and the assistance of Gerbeaud Head chef Ágnes Tóth, in our 55-seats restaurant all the dishes appering on the menu are prepared with the finest ingredients, using the latest technologies.

We have invested a lot of energy in researching regional ingredients, the result have led us to the creation of our two different kinds of  6-courses menus.
Both of them are made from the freshest ingredients using new and modern technologies, however one of the menus puts a great emphasis on the highest-quality domestic components – which is the „WHITIN OUR BORDERS…” menu, and the other one is focusing on the creativity and imaginations of our chefs – which is the „BEYOND OUR BORDERS…” tasting menu.

The members of the Onyx team are committed to quality and innovation. For many years we have conducted serious trainings and workshops for both student chefs and working chefs alike. We have achieved great results in this area. Currently, there are several staff members working in the kitchen who are winners of the Hungarian Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition. And because we consider professional international experience to be important, it means a lot that our young chefs now participate in competitions for under-27s in Paris, South Africa, Australia, New York, and Bermudas.

The creativity of the kitchen and the attentiveness of the service are both essential to provide our guests with unique culinary indulgence and adventures. Also in this area, we consider professional trainings just as important as human characteristics and the presence of warm hospitality and heart in the restaurant.

We have been appreciated by international forums as well. The Onyx Restaurant has been rated 17 points by Gault & Millau. We have been awarded one Michelin star by the well-known Michelin Guide every year since 2011, and in 2018 we became the very first restaurant in Hungary to receive a second Michelin star.